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Seeking to do anything God calls me to do.

Justin, Kristen, Maggie, and Bear

Justin, Kristen, Maggie, and Bear


Justin Kellough

I have been working in ministry full time for 9 years, and served as a regular student ministry volunteer and intern for the four years before that. During that time I discovered what I was good at, what I wasn't great at, and what truly gets me excited about serving in the local church.

I love teaching and leading people, and find a lot of joy in helping students take significant steps in their faith, becoming more like Jesus. Challenging people with biblical truth and helping them become powerful forces for God's Kingdom gets me really excited. I have also found that when I'm creating, I feel that I'm doing something really special for God. Creating worship experiences, documenting events through photography, designing logos or ads for events, filming videos to communicate what God is doing, and making set designs to bring a special energy to an event are just some of the things that truly fill me up and keep me going. Many of these things are behind the scenes and get little attention, but I have found that doing small things creatively that no one else thinks to do has a way of elevating our ministries.

With my unique set of abilities and my background in full time pastoral ministry, there are a variety of jobs or combination of roles that I can fill. In addition to what is displayed in the portfolio on this site, I can preach, play guitar and drums, plan and execute meaningful worship experiences, lead mission trips, and many other things. For a full resume, click below.






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